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Dehydrated Best Quality
Vegetables, Fruits & Medicinal Herbs
available in Sri lanka


Immerse in water for half an hour to have the original fresh product

Shelf life over 1 year


Each pack when cooked is sufficient for around 5 to 10 people


No Sunlight, firewood, fuel or gas is used. Electricity is used as the only source of energy

Try once and you will be surprised of the quality


Colour , taste, aroma as well as medicinal & nutritional values unchanged due to low temperature conditions under which dehydration is carried out.

Our superior quality Sri Lankan dehydrated Vegetables, Fruits & Medicinal Herbs, with a shelf life of over 1 year, are considered as the Best processed in Sri Lanka, and were highly commended at the largest International Exhibition 'PRO - FOOD' held at the Bandaranaiake Memorial Hall (BMICH) in Colombo. (Ref. Sri Lanka Food Processors Association.)
(E-mail slfpa@wow.lk.)

No sun drying, fuel or gas is used during this process. Electricity is used as the indirect and only and source of energy. Not like in other commercial methods of drying, the temperature range maintained throughout this process is very low. Hence there is no adverse effect on the nutritional and medicinal values. Vitamins, taste, aroma, colour etc. are unchained under these gente dehydrating conditions.

When our dehydrated products are rehydrated by immersing in water (30 - 40 oC) for 20 to 40 minutes, they absorb water and generate almost the same original fresh product with all natural properties including colour taste and aroma even after 1 year of normal storage, a phenominon which can not be achieved by other methods of commercial drying.

At present we export our products directly, as well as indirectly through large exporters, to countries such as Australia,
Canada, USA, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden,
New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Dubai etc.We are proud to inform you that we never got any complains with regard to quality, since we commenced exports 8 years back

Supply quantities vary from 10 to 10,000 standard packs (upto 100 cartons) per order by Air or Sea. (20 std. cartons/CBM) for companies, welfare societies or individuals local or abroad.

Sri lankan Outlets -

3rd Floor, Majestic City, 5, Alexandra Place,
Colombo 04. Lipton Circus,
Tel: 011 - 2500735 COLOMBO 07.
  Tel: 011- 4722200
  (Open Mon - Sun 10am - 2pm)

Contact us

Mr.Wansarathne Senanayake
B.Sc. (Ceylon) Textile Engineer (Germany), L.T.I. (U.K), I.W.S.P. Grad. (UK)

382, Doranagoda, Bemmulla -Sri Lanka
Tel: (94)033-2297970, (94)033-2288840, (94)077-5769538
Email: wichifds@sltnet.lk (Res), wichithra@sltnet.lk (Fac)
Skype: wansarathne2

Website: http://www.dehydratedsrilankanvegetables.com


Green Chillies
Lady’s Fingers
Banana Blossoms
Curry Leaves
Kathuru Murunga

Kohila Dalu
Kohila Ala


To help poor farmer families in rural Sri Lanka.
To provide local quality vegetables to Sri Lankans living abroad.
To earn much needed foreign exchange for Sri Lanka.


Sri Lankan dry food exporters.
Importers of Sri Lankan dry food in Foreign Countries.
To take with when going abroad as presents to friends & relatives.
For University Students studying in Foreign Countries.

  Curry Leaves     Neem leaves
  Rampa Leaves     Iramusu
  Green Chillies     Polpala
  Drumstick Leaves     Pineapple

Mature Jak Fruit
Dehy. Mature Jak Fruit
Young Jak Fruit
Dehy.Young Jak Fruit
Jak Seeds
Dehydrated Jak Seeds
Ash Plantains
Dehy.Ash Plantains
Bitter Gourd
Dehy.Bitter Gourd
Dehydrated Brinjals
Drum Sticks
Dehy.Drum Sticks
Dehy.Green Chillies

Dehy.Lady’s Fingers

Dehy.Banana Blossoms
Dehydrated Sera
Dehydrated Curry Leaves
Dehydrated Rampah
Dehy.Kathuru Murunga
Dehydrated Gotukola
Dehydrated Polpala
Dehy.Kohila Dalu
Dehy.Kohila Ala
  Pineapple Mango Ripe Jack fruit Papaya Banana
          New Products - Powders of dehydrated Gotukola, Karapincha, Welpenela, Iramusu, Polpala etc for “Kenda” (Kanji).
                                    Different types of dehydrated medicinal herbs recommended for various illnesses.
          Eco Vegetables & Fruits Exhibition held at BMICH -  

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